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About us

Company overview

Marcese is comprised of a top notch project management leadership, an in-house Project management, and a highly experienced and skilled construction team. Its solid track record of success attracts clients such as national Builders, Real Estate Investors and astute private owners.

Nearly all of Marcese's business comes from referrals, so client satisfaction is the #1 priority. Marcese ability to serve as a project “hub”, a one-stop shop, allows for efficiency, flexibility and value added to our clients. The company can manage from the identification and assessment of raw land, all the way through the path of project management, design, development, construction, and final lease or sale.

The company’s philosophy is to exceed client’s expectations both in quality and value and we stake our reputation on it. We invite you share and profit from our experience and success.

Creating a New Service…

Over the past several years we have assembled a team that can handle just about every aspect of what it takes to get a property, especially a REO property, in shape and ready for the market.

We work exclusively for banks, lenders, realtors, and selective investors so we know what to expect and what is expected moreover, we understand that a job done properly is important and time is of the essence.

As most people are aware, the PUNCH OUT or final phase of a project is one of the least cost effective and most time consuming periods of the construction process. Typically, the last 5% of the project is the efficient time on the critical path while tying up valuable resources of manpower, money and most important- TIME. It is also the construction phase at which most of the “brain damage” usually occurs. Finally there is a service provided by Marcese that specializes specifically in PUNCH OUT.

Why subcontract PUNCH OUT you might ask, and the answer is that most cases, we can do the work cheaper, faster, and more efficiently than the builder. Furthermore, trying to identify in the “final hours” that is responsible for a specific defect and getting someone to actually correct that defect in a timely manner could prove to be a “MISSION IMPOSSIBLE”. The solution is to consider outsourcing Marcese team of professional PUNCH OUT specialist to provide a Zero defect product to your customers.

This program is currently in use by several large builder and small custom builders in South Florida. Marcese PUNCH OUT program has proven to be a most cost effective vehicle in turning over quality homes to customers with the highest degree of efficiency. The feed back has been phenomenal and we have enabled our customers to concentrate on what they do best: building and selling homes.

You've Got Needs. We've Got Solutions.
Whatever your construction needs, Marcese Construction Management provide solutions. Our experienced team is equipped to handle projects in residential areas, as well as commercial areas.

Marcese Construction Management Employees Never Miss their Mark
Our employees are trained in "zero-defect" style of workmanship by an experienced construction manager for top commercial builders like Lennar Homes, Toll Brothers, WCI, Centerline Homes and Mediterranean Homes. Our Workers pride themselves on promptly and efficiently completing their projects to the customer's satisfaction. Our employees wear uniforms and must follow all OSHA safety equipment guidelines.

Affordable. Flexible. Exceptional.
Marcese Construction Management is a versatile company that accommodates the customer. Unlike other companies, we work around your schedule and suit our services to your individual requirements or needs.

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