Construction Management

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Our highly-trained employees are equipped to handle any type of repair


Responsibilities, Supervision, Scheduling


Team Work

Our highly-trained employees are equipped to handle any type of repair. Marcese pays attention to the details so the customer doesn’t have to. The quality workmanship demonstrated in our punchout services is not reserved simply for large homebuilders or commercial businesses. Marcese wants to bring these skills and experience directly into your home.
Remember: The final stage, or last 5%, of a construction project is the least cost effective and most time-consuming period of the entire process, tying up your valuable resources in manpower, money and most importantly- TIME.



Construction Manager responsibilities to include the proper quality of workmanship, as specified within the (Client and Subcontractors) contracts, as well as supervising the behavior of subcontractors and Marcese employees on its job sites. The level of quality shall never be sacrificed for the sake of expedience. Typically, Construction managers will have to spend approximately 50% of their time on the field monitoring construction, overseeing inspections, customer service and general supervision. The remaining 50% of their time is spent in the construction office doing paper work, ordering materials, scheduling, etc.


Construction Manager shall report to the (Client) Homeowner, General Contractor, Architect any and all information pertaining to each job site.


The Construction Manager will contact each subcontractor (for Client) to schedule and coordinate work. A reasonable lead time must be given to the subcontractor to allow them to effectively schedule their time

Invoice Responsibilities

The Construction Manager will inspect work completed by subcontractors before authorizing payment on invoices. He also reserves the right to recommend withholding payment from any subcontractor until all work is completed to the appropriate specifications and quality standards, as well as, when all repairs are up to date on work for which payments were previously made. The Construction Manager has to approve each and every invoice to show that work has been completed and all materials have been delivered as ordered for (Client).


Service List
Screen enclosures
Shower enclosures
Wood Floors
Handy Man
Crown & Chair Rail
Base Boards
Custom Closets / Cabinets
Marble Tile Polishing & Restoration
Faux Finishing
Laminated Floors

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