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Home Watch

Home Watch

We want to provide you, your family, guests and friends with professional and worry free care of your residence in your absence.

Marcese Homewatch is dedicated to caring for your property as we would care for our own homes. We are not just another home watch service. Your complete satisfaction is our most important goal.

Arrival and departure services:

We will check, turn off and on, open and close the following: 

  • Main Water Valve
  • Hot Water Heater
  • Flush Toilets/Add Bleach
  • Ice Maker/Turnoff/Clean Container
  • Garbage Disposal/and Baking Soda
  • Dishwasher
  • Small Appliances
  • Check Refrigerator
  • A/C, Humidistat Settings
  • Secure Windows/Doors/Blinds
  • Room Fans/Closets/Cabinets
  • Secure All Outdoor Items
  • Secure Garage/Vehicles
  • Furniture/Cushion Airing
  • Trash, Garbage, Recycle For Pickup

Additional Arrival Services Include:

  • Run and flush water lines
  • Make fresh ice
  • Flush and brush toilets

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